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Child Support is calculated differently in each state.  Child Support in the State of Oregon is determined by the Child Support Calculator maintained by the state.  Some of the major calculation categories for all states include incomes of the parents, number of overnights, health care, day care, and other related costs of the children.

The main drivers of these calculations are overnight stays and parent salaries.  Other factors like health insurance and child care costs will also influence the final numbers.  Surprisingly, most states – Oregon included – are not interested if your child plays sports, takes piano lessons, rides horses, or any number of other activities.

We ask this question in mediation, “How do you want your children to live?”  Most parents would like to maintain the level and types of activities their children currently enjoy.  The reality for parents is that the budget will need to stretch to two households instead of one.  Some activities may need to be modified or eliminated.

In mediation, we build cash flow budgets to ensure both parties can go forward with sufficient funds to take care of the children.  Child Support and Parenting Plans often change because of significant changes in life.  Jobs are gained and lost, and and children grow and develop.  Whenever there is a significant change in circumstance, support may need to be recalculated to best fit the needs of the situation.

While other states offer tools to help you calculate child support, The State of Oregon offers a Child Support Calculator that is now available to use.  States either use a child support calculator or manual worksheet to determine support levels.  Your mediator will assist you in determining child support.