We Create Peace

Mediation is a resolution process recognized by the courts as an effective and rewarding alternative to litigation.  Mediation is different than binding arbitration.  Arbitration is allowing a neutral third party, often a judge or a lawyer, decide a conflict with no alternative to litigation. Litigation is allowing the courts to decide the outcome of your conflict.  By nature of their training, attorneys seek to represent the best interest of their clients.  Thus, when a husband and wife both obtain attorneys, each one seeks to represent his or her best interest.  This can quickly lead to an adversarial relationship and a costly divorce.

The average cost of a traditional divorce is $50,000 if the court is involved.  Even if you work things out, the cost is usually $10,000 at a minimum.  Bitter and expensive divorce proceedings can leave both partners with scars that take years to heal.  If children are involved, it becomes increasingly vital for parents to find common ground.  The children can suffer the most from a divorce.

Mediation is a totally voluntary alternative dispute resolution process involving both parties with a neutral third party – a mediator.  Mediation is client-driven.  The mediator is your facilitator.  An experienced mediator will draw out options, seek to discover important issues, and work through emotions to create a peaceful solution.  The purpose and benefit of mediation is to avoid adversarial relationships and create a peaceful agreement in a difficult time of life.  We Create Peace uses a collaborative approach, allowing the couple access to professionals in finance, counseling, and law, if necessary.  Mediation is almost always less expensive than involving attorneys in a divorce process.

When the mediation process is complete, the couple receives a Mediation Agreement.  The couple can choose to submit the agreement on their own or use either a paralegal service or a collaborative attorney to file their paperwork.  The couple must use the proper forms and terminology required by the court of the county in which they file.

Please check with your mediator on his or her hourly rate. No retainers are required.  A simple divorce mediation can be completed within 2 – 6 hours (no children involved), or 6 – 10 hours (with children).  This works out to be less than 30% of the average retainer of one attorney.  Both husband and wife each need an attorney in a traditional divorce.