We Create Peace

Family caregivers comprise the greatest percentage of those who care for elderly parents.  When parents suddenly require additional care, often one of two options are presented to the family: either move the parents into one of the homes of the children or one of the children moves into the home of the parents.  This transition often happens very quickly because of an accident or medical emergency.

Most families do not thoroughly consider and discuss together the domino effect of their decisions.  What will the roles and responsibilities be around financial matters?  Will there be respite for the caregiver?  How will the other siblings and family members become part of the overall Family Care Plan?  Family caregivers become overwhelmed and burnt out.  They may be accused of elder abuse.  Conflict can erupt over Power of Attorney, who has the right to pay bills, move money, invest, sell, and other financial issues.  Family caregivers often carry an enormous burden without the full support of the family.

The We Create Peace team helps to resolve conflicted areas, help gain respite for the caregiver, and create a Family Care Plan to alleviate future conflict.  If your family is considering using a member as a caregiver, a consultation may be very helpful for the health and well-being of ALL family members.  If you are in conflict as a family with a family caregiver, one of our mediators can assist in resolution.  They will help construct a Family Care Plan to mitigate future conflicts.