We Create Peace

One of the most difficult transitions in life is moving from independence to dependence.  The aging of a parent can gradually progress with either physical or mental loss.  A critical medical event like a heart attack, stroke, or a broken hip can quickly move a healthy senior to a state of dependency and loss.

Children desire to care for their parents, yet sometimes parents believe their children are being controlling and manipulative when offering to move them to an assisted living community, help with the checkbook, or look after the bills.  Sometimes parents do have legitimate concerns about their children robbing a bank account or other financial assets.  There are plenty of horror stories on both sides of the equation.  When the time comes for transitions and things are becoming conflicted, it is a good time to ask a neutral third party, a mediator, to assist you.  At Genesis Mediation, we understand the needs of both parties – parents and children.

When decision making is necessary for a life transition, often a family member residing out of town will have a different perspective.  This creates tension, conflict and even potential litigation.  We contact out of town family members to draw them into the process and help them become part of the Family Care Plan going forward.

We Create Peace desires for families to keep the focus on their loved ones, not on conflicted issues.  A Family Care Plan that defines finances, roles, responsibilities, and healthcare decisions (including Advanced Medical Directives and Power of Attorneys) is important.  Agreement on the Family Care Plan helps families to avoid conflict and focus on the care and concern their loved ones deserve.