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Sometimes custody is confused with parenting time.  In most states, custody centers around the legal right of decision-making.  Regardless of who makes the decisions, either both parents or one parent, each parent has a right to spend time with minor children. A Parenting Plan outlines these rights of visitation.

Parenting Plans vary from state to state, yet the major elements within the plan remains the same.  Parenting Plans structure weekly time, holidays, summers and special events for children and parents.  Parenting Plans call out special provisions surrounding the children, how information is shared, future moves of parent and much more.

Our mediators send parents a worksheet to assist in constructing a Parenting Plan for efficiency in sessions.  If both parents agree on a plan, a variety of creative options are available to families through the mediation process.

A judge will very rarely object to decisions made jointly.  If you have teenagers or children above the age of 6, our mediators like to schedule one session with them.  This allows teens and children to voice concerns and desires as they transition through the divorce process.

Often, teens and children feel divorce is something done TO them, not WITH them.  This is not a counseling session, rather, it is a listening session for teens and children to give input into a Parenting Plan.

You can download the Parenting Plan Worksheet here.  Please complete this worksheet before your Parenting Plan session.  This will save you time and money in the mediation process. Please note that some states, including Oregon, also require attendance in a parenting class.


Please make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader installed on your computer when downloading the worksheet.  For assistance with obtaining forms and files, please contact us.