We Create Peace

A common area of conflict for non-profits is between the Executive Director and a board member.  Occasionally, the conflict is between the Chairperson of the Board and the Executive Director.  The conflict can lead to the termination of an Executive Director, thus necessitating the search for a new one.  The search is often time consuming for board members.  There is great cost to the organization, including operating without an Executive Director.  The cost is multiplied when considering the adjustment time of a new director to the board, staff, and donor base.

Mediation can help resolve disputes at this level, often retaining the Executive Director and helping the organization push forward toward vision and goals. The staff of most non-profits is typically fairly small.  Many non-profits seek to create a “family” feel at work.  Usually everyone is overworked and underpaid on non-profit staffs.  People work for a non-profit at a lesser salary because they believe in the mission and vision of the organization.  When conflict erupts in this situation, office morale quickly declines and relationships can easily become damaged.  Since many non-profits can’t afford a dedicated HR staff person, offices can struggle on their own to resolve the conflict.  Gossip and triangulation often accompanies the dispute.  Frequent staff resignations handicap an organization from moving forward.  If the conflict is not resolved, staff problems will surely persist.  Little time or energy will be focused on the real mission and vision.

We Create Peace offers discounted services to non-profits, allowing affordable services to assist with conflict resolution.  Many of our mediators have started, served on, or led boards of non-profits.  Our mediators can also assist with staff trainings and consultations with senior leaders on pertinent issues.  We can help create peace in your organization.