We Create Peace

Very few people set out to deliberately abuse a senior adult.  The vast majority of elder abuse cases are within families.  The most typical scenarios involve an adult child living with an aging parent.  As the needs of the parent increases, the child/caretaker feels entitled to greater funds and incentives.  The caretaker rationalizes the funds are just a loan, or a part of an inheritance.  As time goes on, more and more funds may be misappropriated.  When a sudden financial need develops, there might be a lack of funds to cover it.  This alerts the other siblings/children to the abuse.  There are many different scenarios related to elder abuse.  The seriousness of the erupting conflict related to elder abuse often ruins families.  Before civil authorities or attorneys become involved, mediation may provide a peaceful resolution.  A family caregiver may be totally innocent, yet siblings or family members can come to different conclusions.

If consulted early in the care process, We Create Peace can create a Family Care Plan that incorporates safeguards for all parties.  Elder abuse cases within families will cause great relational, personal, and financial stress to all parties.  When We Create Peace is consulted, we can often reach a resolution and create a Family Care Plan to avoid any further abuse or conflict.  The parent is often the real loser in such cases.  Not only can mom or dad lose financially, often of greater concern is the loss of harmony among the children.  This becomes the greatest disappointment and grief for a parent.  Through mediation, family relationships can be restored and the focus of care can return to the parent.