We Create Peace

When families find themselves in conflict, sometimes a simple consultation can resolve the problem.  A member of the We Create Peace team can coach you on how to respond to an agitated family member.  They will assess the conflict and give you helpful guidelines and can recommend additional helpful professionals to assist in the situation as well.

If a more extensive consultation is needed, our mediators can either consult in the family home or at our offices.  After consultation, you may determine a full family mediation is necessary.  Our mediators conduct the necessary background work to facilitate a successful resolution to the conflict.  This involves the family members in the dispute writing narratives and personal interviews with the mediator.  This information aids in discovering the root issues of the conflict and how to facilitate a resolution.  Our mediators can give you an estimate of hours regarding the costs.  Remember, this is an estimate only.  We cannot guarantee to resolve a conflict nor remain in an estimated range of hours.