We Create Peace

Dr. Kurt Risley and the We Create Peace LLC Team offer the required 40 hours of basic mediation training several times each year required by most of the United States to practice mediation.  The training is designed for those seeking to pursue a career in mediation as opposed to training for volunteer work at a dispute center.   The training manual has proprietary material developed by team members at We Create Peace.  The Mediation Basic Training meets or exceeds the state requirements for the states of Oregon and Washington.

In Basic Mediation Training you will receive instruction on:

  • Definitions and Spectrum of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution)
  • Roles of a Mediator
  • Principles of Interest-Based Mediation
  • Definition and Sources of Conflict
  • Conflict Styles
  • Matrix and Testing of your own Conflict Style
  • Stages of Mediation
  • Factors of Resistance
  • Written Agreements
  • Mediation Skills
  • Power in Mediation
  • Caucusing
  • Co-Mediation
  • Confidentiality
  • Ethics
  • Many hours of role play to develop skill and flow of mediation.

You are required reading of two texts: Getting to Yes by Fisher and Ury and The Anatomy of Peace by the Arbinger Institute.  The training is a hybrid model with content online and two days for live training. If you are interested, please contact us for training dates and prices for Mediation Basic Training.


If you wish to pursue a career in mediation, we recommend taking Mediation Advanced Training after completing the Mediation Basic Training.  Then choosing a specialty training in your mediation area of choice, along with mentoring and supervision.